Synthesis of Graphene-Like Materials for Organic Electronics

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This project has the ambitious goal of developing graphenes as alternatives for transparent electrodes, interfacial layers and acceptor materials for organic solar cells as graphene possesses high optical transparency, electrical conductivity and mechanical flexibility. This is a multidisciplinary project, bringing together simulation and synthesis of graphenes, characterizations and the fabrication of electronic devices. Therefore, fours researchers with complementary background will join this project, in which E. Wang at Chalmers is the Swedish project leader and the international project leader is W. Mammo from Ethiopia. O. Inganäs and M. Berggren are participants from Sweden. Four PhD students from both Sweden and Ethiopia will be involved. Annual conferences and regular video conferences (every three months) will be held to monitor the progress of the project. The project will be explored through four work packages (WPs). WP1 focuses on molecular design and computational calculations of new graphene structures, which will be synthesized in WP2 and characterized in WP3. The performance of the materials in devices will be tested in WP4. We believe that the organic electronic community in Sweden will be well connected to the related research activities in Ethiopia and our concerted efforts will make significant contribution in filling the knowledge gap in this field and provide high quality graphene materials to the community of Swedish scientists for further studies.



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The Swedish Research Council
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Chalmers tekniska högskola
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D02 - Other technical assistance




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Research/scientific institutions


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2016 – 2019

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2016 USD 45 579
2017 USD 45 630
2018 USD 44 877
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USD 136 086
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Commitment---2016-01-01USD 136 738
USD 45 579
USD 45 630
USD 44 877

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