Diakonia IHL oPt 2013-2017 - Diakonia IHL oPt 2013-2016

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Sida assesses that the Diakonia IHLRC intervention is in line with the humanitarian strategy for Sida 2011-2014, which has been extended until end of 2016. The proposed intervention is more specifically in line with Goal 2: Increased respect for international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles; as well as Goal 3: Enhanced humanitarian coordination and humanitarian leadership in the field. Part of the proposed activities will also contribute to Goal 4: "Increased professionalizations of humanitarian actors", as some programme activities focus on capacity building through trainings, briefings and legal advice on IHL- and IHRL-related issues for the international community, including other humanitarian actors. The IHLRC focuses on implementation of international humanitarian law in Palestine. It aims to ‘Increased respect for international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles’. The programme will enhance access to justice and accountability by providing legal analyses, awareness raising, monitoring and research. The overall goal of the internvetion will be achieved through two main components: 1. Strengthen the capacity and knowledge of IHL and international law among relevant actors within the international community and civil society; influence third party states and international organizations to include and mainstream an IHL perspective within their analyses to achieve a principled IHL position within the Israel/Palestine context. 2. Conduct IHL analyses and compile expert opinions within the context of Israel/Palestine; and strengthen partner organizations capacity to monitor and analyse breaches of IHL.



Granting agency
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation
Donor country-based NGO
Aid type
C01 - Project-type interventions
Humanitarian Assistance 2011-2016


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Emergency response
Materiel relief assistance and services


Activity length
2013 – 2018

Financial information

Paid per year (net value)
2013 USD 614 137
2014 USD 583 099
2015 USD 474 535
2016 USD 431 821
Total paid amount (net value)
USD 2 103 592
Total committed amount


DisbursementThe amount placed at the disposal of a recipient country or agency.
Type Description Receiver Org Transaction ID Date Value
Commitment---2013-01-01USD 2 456 550
USD 614 137
USD 583 099
USD 474 535
USD 431 821

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Focus areas (policy markers)

Marker Principal objective Significant objective Not targeted
Gender Equality
Aid to Environment
Participatory Development/Good Governance
Trade Development
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change - Mitigation
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change - Adaptation
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Convention to Combat Desertification
Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH)


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