Islamic Relief Sweden 2014- 2016 - Islamic Relief 2014

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Save life, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity

Expected results

Expected sector wise resultsHealth and Nutrition Sector Objective: Improve quality of treatment, care, and prevention of malnutrition and support basic health care services in the target vulnerable communities in Niger, Chad and Mali.Food Security Sector Objective: Reduce food insecurity through sustainable agricultural methods and income support for drought and conflict affected communities in Gaza, Yemen, Mali, Chad and Niger.WASH Sector Objective: Expand and sustain access to safe water supply and H&S facilities in the target vulnerable communities including IDPs and returnees in Pakistan, Yemen, Chad, Mali and Niger.Education Sector Objective: Increase equal access to education in emergency for the most vulnerable school AGE children in conflict affected communities in northern Mali.Expected country programme results.Overall expected results for ChadFood security and living conditions in the target communities in eastern Chad is improvedOverall expected results MaliImproved humanitarian needs of conflict and drought affected communities in Gourma Rous and Douentza Circles.Overall expected results NigerContribute to reduced child mortality and improved health and nutrition conditions for children in Kollo district in Niger.Overall expected results PakistanHelp reduce water scarcity related health risks and build resilience of target communities in Noshki and Chagai districts.Overall expected results GazaTo contribute to improved food security and livelihoods for the vulnerable and food-insecure communities in the Gaza Strip.Overall expected results YemenTo contribute to decrease of vulnerability of the conflict affected communities of Abyan and Raymah in Yemen.



Granting agency
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation
Donor country-based NGO
Aid type
Humanitarian Assistance 2011-2015


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Humanitarian aid
Material relief assistance and services


Activity length
2014 – 2017

Financial information

Paid per year (net value)
2014 USD 1 576 371
2015 USD 606 634
2016 USD 1 165 165
Total paid amount (net value)
USD 3 348 170
Total committed amount
USD 3 780 121


DisbursementThe amount placed at the disposal of a recipient country or agency.
Type Description Receiver Org Transaction ID Date Value
Commitment---2014-06-01USD 3 780 121
Disbursement---2014-12-28USD 1 576 371
Disbursement---2015-12-28USD 606 634
Disbursement---2016-12-28USD 1 165 165


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