Palestinian Medical Relief Society 2012-2015 - PMRS

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Core support to Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) which works with the right to health and with health service provision in all of Palestine including Area C and Gaza.

Expected results

The overall objective of this intervention is " Palestinians, women and men, boys and girls, without discrimination, have access to quality primary health care that takes into consideration the chronic emergency situation and for PMRS to be capable of responding to crises."


PMRS has clearly reported on their outcomes and outputs for 2015. A decrease in beneficiaries for some outputs is justified because in 2014 the high number of beneficiaries was related to the 2014 war on Gaza, whereby PMRS had to deploy more mobile clinics and emergency health workers were needed to aid the injured. The transfer of health models (non-communicable diseases, women's health, youth health, community-based rehabilitation, mobile clinics, and primary health care) had already been done in 2013, but in 2014 and 2015, PMRS held conferences to give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the health models. The models were also introduced to other countries (for instance the MoH in Kuwait), but they have not been transferred yet. In terms of health education and awareness, a sharp increase in beneficiaries was reported as PMRS focused in 2015 on working with young people and involved them in preventive care activities, and emergency preparedness and first aid services.



Granting agency
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation
Developing country-based NGO
Aid type
B01 - Core support to NGOs, other private bodies, PPPs and research institutes
Palestine 2015-2019


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Basic health care


Activity length
2012 – 2016

Financial information

Paid per year (net value)
2012 USD 1 329 610
2013 USD 1 243 628
2014 USD 1 151 620
2015 USD 1 127 021
Total paid amount (net value)
USD 4 851 879
Total committed amount


DisbursementThe amount placed at the disposal of a recipient country or agency.
Type Description Receiver Org Transaction ID Date Value
Commitment---2012-05-01USD 5 096 840
USD 1 329 610
USD 1 243 628
USD 1 151 620
USD 1 127 021

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Results, outcomes and outputs


Focus areas (policy markers)

Marker Principal objective Significant objective Not targeted
Gender Equality
Aid to Environment
Participatory Development/Good Governance
Trade Development
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change - Mitigation
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change - Adaptation
Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Convention to Combat Desertification


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