Gaza Community Mental Health Prog (GCMHP) 14 - Support to Gaza Community Mental Health 14

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The Palestinian NGO, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, GCMHP, has applied for continued core funding to the organisation. The aim is to (i) contribute to improving the mental health situation of the population in Gaza, (ii) to contribute to developing the capacities of professionals and other actors shaping the mental health system in Gaza and (iii) enhance the performance of GCMGP through ongoing institutional development and knowledge management. This is done through providing mental health services to individuals such as women, children and victims of violence and torture, through awareness raising and education of families and communities and through capacity building of professionals and other actors within the field of mental health. GCMHP has delivered results in the field of mental health but have had challenges in terms of internal management and organisational development. The donor consortium which in addition to Sweden includes Switzerland and Norway, has had extensive and close discussions with GCMHP around this. In addition to the strategic plan and workplan, GCMHP has developed a road map and action plan that describes the critical activities to be undertaken in relation to the organisational development during 2014. The donor consortium has developed milestones to be included in the respective agreement and regular meetings will be held to follow up the implementation of the road map action plan. In light of GCMHP 's past challenges, the donor consortium, including Sweden, jointly decided to only enter into agreement on support for 2014. A possible future cooperation will depend on GCMHP 's implementation of the road map action plan. GCMHP's total budget for 2014 is USD 1 938 628 (about SEK 12 700 000 ). The donor consortium is contributing USD 1 250 000 ( about SEK 7 860 000 ) of which Sweden's contribution is SEK 5 100 000 ( about USD 765000 ). The remaining budget is covered by remaining funds from 2013, GCMHP own income and project support from other smaller donors.



Granting agency
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation
Developing country-based NGO
Aid type
B01 - Core support to NGOs, other private bodies, PPPs and research institutes
Palestine 2015-2019


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Medical services


Activity length
2014 – 2015

Financial information

Paid per year (net value)
2014 USD 743 451
Total paid amount (net value)
USD 743 451
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Type Description Receiver Org Transaction ID Date Value
Commitment---2014-02-01USD 743 451
USD 743 451

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Gender Equality
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Participatory Development/Good Governance
Trade Development
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Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change - Mitigation
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Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH)


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