1 activity 2017 with the value of USD 79.8 k, summarized by
Church of Sweden Framework agreement 2014-2016, 2017 USD 79 828

Informal/semi-formal financial intermediaries


This contribution is implemented by Church of Sweden in partnership with about 110 local civil society organisations in several cooperation countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East during 2014-2016 with support from Sida/CIVSAM amounting to 291 000 000 SEK, with the aim to strengthen civil society capacities and contribute to the following programme objectives: - Strengthening of people's sexual and reproductive health and rights. - People living in poverty have the right to protection and their social and economic emancipation is strengthened. - People have increased safety and protection, and are empowered to deal with conflicts and to participate in peace processes. - Women and men have improved opportunities and possibilities to equal participation, voice and leadership in the church and in society. - People's right to physical and sexual integrity in the church and in society is strengthened. Church of Sweden has proposed an extension of this contribution, on basis of the existing results framework, and with a budget of 119 419 916 for the year 2017, thereby increasing the total budget to 410 419 916 SEK for the period 2014-2017. Appraisal of the contribution: The appraisal during 2016 of this contribution is made in accordance with a decision on an additional contribution, since it builds upon the appraisal of the same programme for the period 2014-2016. Hence the assessment made for the period 2014-2016 is still relevant and referred to, whereas an update is given for the period 2017 with special emphasis on: - The relevance of the contribution in the light of the strategy for CSO support 2016-2022. - The development of the contribution during 2014-2016 and focus for 2017. - Capacities, internal management and control during 2016-2016.

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Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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Year Value (SEK) Value (USD)
2018 SEK 8,1 m USD 934 k
2017 SEK 682 t USD 79.8 k
2016 SEK 758 t USD 88.6 k
2015 SEK 372 t USD 44.2 k
2014 SEK 16,6 m USD 2.4 m
2013 SEK -1,8 t USD -270
2012 SEK 59,1 t USD 8.7 k
2011 SEK 19,6 t USD 3.0 k
2010 SEK 32,1 t USD 4.5 k
2009 SEK 207 t USD 27.1 k
2008 SEK 173 t USD 25.9 k
2007 SEK 176 t USD 26.1 k
2006 SEK 143 t USD 19.4 k
2005 SEK 244 t USD 32.6 k
2004 SEK 212 t USD 28.9 k
2003 SEK 1,1 m USD 140 k
2002 SEK 115 t USD 11.8 k
1999 SEK 22,8 t USD 2.8 k

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
(Per capita in USD, 2018)
World's aid (ODA) as percentage of GNI
5.9 %
(ODA, 2018)
Swedish part of total aid (ODA)
3.8 %
(ODA, 2018)

Banking and financial services

The banking and financial services  sector concerns the development of financial management and finance politics. It also includes support to monetary institution for developing monetary politics as well as education/training in banking and financial services.