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Case study of by The GovLab

Researchers at the New York based organisation The GovLab are investigating how open data is used around the world in different sectors and countries. is one of the 19 projects they have chosen to examine for their case studies … Continued

New feature: Treemap visualization

In order to improve the usability of we have added a new type of visualization on the startpage. Instead of the graph showing the development over time, the default visualization is now a treemap showing the total aid divided by recipient … Continued

White paper, part 3: Challenges

Implementing aid transparency in Sweden, part 3 The process of becoming more transparent and publishing high quality data using the IATI standard is not a quick fix, but the rewards are plenty for every effort made. There are common challenges … Continued

New feature: embeddings!

In our efforts of improving the user experience and usability of we are now happy to announce the possibility of embedding the data from your search results to easily display it on your blog or website. It’s very simple … Continued

Licenses for the data

The general idea of open data is that it should be “freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control” (definition from Wikipedia). But what does that mean … Continued

Sida at Hack for Sweden

This upcoming weekend (March 14th-15th) the annual event Hack for Sweden is taking place in Stockholm. The purpose is to create new services, products and visualizations that are in the public’s interest, commerically valuable or that displays data in new … Continued

New data and functionality is continually updated both with new data and functions. During January and February a number of improvements have been implemented. The site search function now goes through both activity data and documents. At the same time the total number of … Continued

The making of

Sida has been publishing IATI data since 2011, but this is the first time that we are actually “eating our own dog food” in the sense that the data on the website comes straight from Sweden’s IATI xml-file in the IATI Datastore. … Continued

A new generation of

We are happy to launch the new version of the Swedish aid transparency tracker This tracker brings a lot of new features – both visible and in the backend system. We have focused more on the professional user and making … Continued