Improved functionality on

We have recently improved a couple of things in order to makeĀ it easier to find the things you want on


Clickable graph

It is now possible to click either on the bubble on the graph or on the markings on the x-axis when you want to change year, instead of having to access the top menu. It is a function that we have wanted to add for quite some time but for various reasons have been postponed, until now.


Improved search function and translations

We have also improved the search function, both the number of hits but also the quality of the search results. Another thing we have worked on is making sure that all parts of the web site is presented in Swedish as well as English. Hopefully these improvements should help both our English and Swedish speaking visitors.

Since this is a data drive site however, we are still mostly dependent on whether our data contains both languages. Improving data quality is something we work on continuously.



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