at the launch of the Aid Transparency Index 2014

Sweden is ranked 6th out of 68 aid donors, and 3rd of the bilateral donors, putting us in the top performing group in the 2014 Aid Transparency Index that was presented today. That’s an increase with 23 percentage points compared to last year, and we are one of only three donors that publish all activity and organisation level indicators to the IATI Registry. The team is currently in Washington DC for the launch event, presenting the new version of

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The Aid Transparency Index, along with an accompanying report, is presented once a year by the aid transparency advocate organisation Publish What You Fund. The aim of the index is to measure the level of transparency within different aid organisations. Essentially it looks at the quantity and quality of each donor’s IATI data and grades you accordingly. As is based completely on our IATI data, it is important for us to continue to improve the data and consequently also improve our score in the index.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Moderator Owen Barder introducing keynote speaker Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria.

For this year’s launch we were invited to present the new at the event in Washington DC. For Sweden and Sida it serves as a good opportunity to show others what we have done so far and to learn from other aid organisations presenting at the event. It is also an opportunity for us to actively spread the open source aspect of the new by inviting others to use the platform. Hopefully, easy (and free) access to a quality aid tracker may convince those that are not yet actively publishing and/or visualizing IATI data to start doing so.

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