UNDP - Enhancing rural resilience in Yemen 2019-2022

Activity-ID : SE-0-SE-6-13633A0101-YEM-74020

The main objective of the ERRY II is to improve food and nutrition security, reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience capacity of crisis-affected communities in Yemen through creation of sustainable livelihood and access to basic services. There are several sub objectives in order to reach this overall goal: i) increase local actors capacity to deliver services to the community, ii) develop livelihood activities in agriculture, cash-for-work, iii) rehabilitate roads and water systems and agricutural land, iv) introduce renewable energy, solar panels for households, water pumps and local manufacturing...


Agency : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : United Nations Development Programme
Aid type : B03 - Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral}, INGO)
Strategy : Humanitarian aid 2017-2020



Sector category : Disaster prevention and preparedness
Sector : Multi–hazard response preparedness

Financial information

Total committed amount: USD 8,460,326

Total paid amount: USD 8,601,681

Paid per year (net value):
2019, USD 3,172,622
2020, USD 5,429,058

Sustainable Development Goals

Source: Activity data from IATI, SE-0-SE-6-13633A0101-YEM-74020