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AMCOW, Water and Climate Change, 2018-2022 SEK 4 868 440

Water sector policy and administrative management


The African Ministerial Council on Water (AMCOW) has applied to Sida for funding of 40 million SEK to carry out the Institutional Strengthening of the AMCOW Secretariat during the period 2019 – 2022. The intervention aims at enabling AMCOW to fulfill its mandate and implement its strategy, enabling member states to ensure sustainable management of water resources to address both poverty reduction and social development goals. This is to be done by strengthening the AMCOW organs, and in particular the Secretariat to 1) more effectively serve as the Working Group on Water and Sanitation of the African Union’s STC on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment; 2) leverage more financial resources to ensure a more sustainable Secretariat and to support the implementation of the 2018-2030 Strategy; and 3) to influence policy and practice through the use of research and best practice by policy-makers, private companies, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and public institutions. The AMCOW Secretariat will implement the intervention. The institutional support is set up as a project with a total budget of 40 million SEK. Reporting will be delivered on the project specific results framework and budget in the proposal. AMCOW core costs and activities are also financed by AMCOW member states and other donors. Coordination will occur annually at the meetings of AMCOW governing bodies. The Sida contribution will also contribute to establishing a strategic dialogue with donors for enhanced coordination. The appraisal was prepared in close collaboration with controllers from Sida headquarters and the Embassy in Addis Ababa as well as with the program officer for environment and climate at the regional section at the Embassy. It has involved two visits t the AMCOW Secretariat in Abuja, in October by the controllers and in November by the head of the Regional Section at the Embassy and the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria. Sida was present at the annual meeting of AMCOW governing organs in Gabon in October 2018, and a workshop was organized with the member states representatives to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Sida’s Help Desk on environmental issues was involved at an early stage to map out the relevance and added value of AMCOW, and Sida also procured support by results-based management experts at Associates for International Management Services (AIMS) to assist AMCOW in the preparation of the project proposal. The quality assurance has thus been built in to the process.




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Sida, Styrelsen för internationellt utvecklingssamarbete



Year Värde (SEK) Värde (USD)
2019 SEK 4,9 m USD 560 k
2018 SEK 107 m USD 12.3 m
2017 SEK 1,2 m USD 140 k
2016 SEK -2,3 m USD -262 k
2015 SEK 57,3 m USD 6.8 m
2014 SEK 50,0 m USD 7.3 m
2013 SEK 20,0 m USD 3.1 m
2012 SEK 270 m USD 39.9 m
2011 SEK -105 t USD -16 k
2010 SEK 336 t USD 46.6 k
2009 SEK 87,5 m USD 11.5 m
2008 SEK 74,6 m USD 11.2 m
2007 SEK 63,0 m USD 9.3 m
2006 SEK 54,9 m USD 7.5 m
2005 SEK 18,5 m USD 2.5 m
2004 SEK 21,6 m USD 2.9 m
2003 SEK 14,8 m USD 1.8 m
2002 SEK 8,0 m USD 823 k
2001 SEK 7,3 m USD 708 k
2000 SEK 2,0 m USD 221 k
1999 SEK 2,2 m USD 262 k
1998 SEK 231 t USD 29.1 k

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Afrika, regionalt

Sverige arbetar med regionala insatser i Afrika för att bistå kontinentens olika aktörer i de utmaningar som är gemensamma för flera länder, eller för att det finns ett behov av att samordna insatser. Exempel på områden där Sverige stödjer regionala insatser är hållbart utnyttjande av gränsöverskridande naturresurser, fred och stabilitet, handel, migration samt hindra spridandet av smittsamma sjukdomar.

Observera att detta inte är en summering av det bilaterala stödet till de individuella länder som ingår i regionen.