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WFP I 2017-2021: From Humanitarian Assistance to Resilience SEK 39 500 000

Disaster prevention and preparedness


The overall objective of this contribution is to improve resilience against climate shocks and promote self-resilience amongst vulnerable groups. This through establishment of income-generating livelihoods specifically for refugee and host societies, decrease cost of humanitarian aid over time and bridging the gap between humanitarian work and development. The goal is to implement this with sustainable and innovative solutions. The innovative in this context is to allow a humanitarian actor such as WFP (World Food Program, which has the dual mandate to also work on development), to partner with organizations that specialize in agriculture, livelihoods and market development. A major part of the contribution will target people in refugee camps in the Dollo Ado area in the southern Somali region. This is an area that is currently receiving humanitarian aid, and the goal is to lift the people living there into a situation that enables sustainable development. The contribution will both target refugee and host communities. The Livelihood efforts will focus on access to water and improved agriculture through irrigation. Access to markets and financial tools will be an integral part of the livelihood development. The contribution in Dollo Ado will begin with and inception phase with a thorough feasibility study of livelihood options, an assessment of environmental impact and market analysis. On top of this resilience will be built by improving early warning and response systems for drought and provide an innovative insurance system that will protect current assets as well as provide reimbursement when assets are lost because of drought. Another part of the contribution aims to strengthen the capacity of public, national and local institutions to better resist recurrent drought and disasters. It is primarily the Ethiopian transport sector that will be strengthened by training of drivers and enhanced capacity whit disaster management. The main Implementation partner is WFP, in collaboration with Farm Africa and Mercy Corps. The agreed amount contributiong to the effort is initially 79 500 000 SEK up to 2021. The agreement period is from signature in December 2017 to 30 June 2022. The activity period is from signature in December 2017 to 31 December 2021. The first disbursement is in December 2017. An inception phase will begin in January 2018 and focus on the livelihood developments in the Dollo Ado region, which will be finalized by a report submitted no later than August 15 2018.




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2019 SEK 26,1 m USD 2.8 m
2018 SEK 10,0 m USD 1.2 m
2017 SEK 39,5 m USD 4.6 m
2015 SEK -58 t USD -6.9 k
2013 SEK 8,4 m USD 1.3 m
2012 SEK 6,0 m USD 883 k
2008 SEK -175 USD -26
2007 SEK -5,0 t USD -742
2006 SEK 120 t USD 16.3 k
2005 SEK 95,1 t USD 12.7 k

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Human Development Index
(Rankar 189 länder, 2019)
Bruttonationalprodukt (BNP)
(Per capita i USD, 2018)
Världens bistånd (ODA) som andel av BNI
5,9 %
(ODA, 2018)
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3,8 %
(ODA, 2018)

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