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Audit Framework Agreement 2016-2020 - PRICE WATER HOUSE COOPERS, Monrovia SEK 91 801

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This contribution puts in place a framework for audit services through an open tender procurement process. The aim is: (1) to give the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia the possibility to undertake different types of auditing and related services including financial assurance and non-assurance audits and other audit related services (2) to assist the Embassy and counterpart institutions, authorities and organizations in building internal capacity relating to audit activities. (3) to assist on and ad-hoc basis in less complicated audit advice that can be given by telephone or e-mail within a day The ambition is to sign agreement with max 3 firms. It is difficult to estimate the total number of assignments to be undertaken annually under this Framework Agreement, but it is expected that it will be approximately 10 per year. Assignments could vary in length and complexity, and may often involve travel within Liberia. The work to be performed by the auditing firm will include different kind of audits and reviews e.g. procurement audit, management audit, performance audit, forensic audits, special investigations, capacity and efficiency audit, financial audits on the job training for institutions etc. The assignments under this framework agreement are divided in Short and Long-Term. A) Short-Term assignments of 1-5 working days or of maximum contract value SEK 30 000. B) Long-Term assignments of 6 working days up to 6 months, or of contract value above SEK 30 000: The Embassy will send a call-off request to all Consultants under the framework agreement. The request is stating background of assignment, its objective, content, consultant qualifications sought, time-table, form of reporting etc. The Consultant undertakes to answer the request within the time limits specified in the request. The Consultant should inform the Embassy should there be a possible conflict of interest with other assignments. The Embassy shall award the assignment to the Consultant with the most suited combination of team, method, availability, price and time-plan, in accordance with assignment-specific evaluation criteria. The Consultant will be awarded the assignment provided there is no conflict of interest Users at the Embassy must inform the Embassy controller prior to sending the requests.




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2019 SEK 464 t USD 53.4 k
2018 SEK 91,8 t USD 10.6 k
2017 SEK 484 t USD 56.7 k
2016 SEK 4,1 m USD 479 k
2014 SEK 375 t USD 54.6 k
2013 SEK 482 t USD 74.1 k
2012 SEK 759 t USD 112 k
2011 SEK 1,3 m USD 201 k
2010 SEK 2,5 m USD 344 k
2009 SEK 2,7 m USD 354 k
2008 SEK 502 t USD 75.2 k
2007 SEK 1,6 m USD 236 k
2006 SEK 1,5 m USD 198 k
2005 SEK 570 t USD 76.3 k
2004 SEK 561 t USD 76.3 k
2003 SEK 115 t USD 14.3 k
2002 SEK 7,0 t USD 719
2001 SEK 396 t USD 38.4 k
2000 SEK 427 t USD 46.6 k
1999 SEK 90,5 t USD 11.0 k
1998 SEK 1,4 m USD 177 k

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