Terms of use

Data and documents found on Openaid fall under different categories of copyright depending on their character. It is uncomplicated to use our data since we use the Public Domain Mark (PDM) and the data can be used freely. Data in this case refers to all content collected by using the function for exporting to CSV or Excel via Openaid.se, as well as the content found in all xml-files in this folder: http://iati.openaidstage.cybercomhosting.com/xml.

We are currently looking in to what types of documents we have represented in our material and what specific licenses may apply. This information will be updated. Documents are defined as all files in this folder: http://iati.openaidstage.cybercomhosting.com/docs.

Please note that images, logotypes and maps are typical content that the responsible agency has no right to give away or publish as PDM. Users who use and publish documents should take care to not violate any laws or regulations related to privacy as such information can be contained in the documents.