The purpose of Openaid is to create transparency in Swedish aid. This is done by collecting data from different sources to one single site – Openaid.

Openaid is run by Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. However, it is not only information from Sida that is reported on Openaid. Statistics and payments from Sida, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies handling funds in the Expenditure area 7: International aid form the basis for the data presented on Openaid.

Sida has developed Openaid on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the framework of the transparency guarantee.

Why is open data important?

On January 1st of 2010, a transparency guarantee was introduced in Swedish development cooperation. This guarantee means that public documents and public information about Swedish aid are made available on the web – here on Openaid.

There are several benefits with transparency:

  • Decision-makers in beneficiary countries are provided with a better basis for planning, governance, decisions and priorities – they can better streamline their work.
  • Citizens of beneficiary countries and Swedish taxpayers get tools to hold decision-makers accountable – this will limit the scope for corruption and misuse of resources.
  • The results of the aid will be more visible.

The objective of transparent aid work is to combat poverty as effectively as possible. This objective can be achieved by opening up aid to transparency.


On September 30, 2020, Sida launched a new version of Openaid. The new website is the first of several steps in Sida’s effort to improve the website for its users.

The new website is more user-friendly, partly through better search tools that make it easier to both find and compare data. The website has also been given a new look.

Sida will continue to develop Openaid. More new features will be added in 2021. For questions, contact: