Openaid collects data from different sources in one place. Besides choosing a year, users can filter the website’s data based on the following choices:

  • Responsible agencies
  • Countries and regions
  • Partners
  • Sector category and sector
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible agencies

Statistics and payments from Sida, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies handling funds in the Swedish Government’s Expenditure Area 7 ’International Aid’ form the basis for the data presented on Openaid.

By choosing a “Responsible agencies” as a filter option, data will be shown from that particular agency. For example: Sida, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Folke Bernadotte Academy.

Countries and regions

The data on Openaid can be filtered by countries or regions that Sweden cooperates with, and with whom Swedish development cooperation is aimed at and implemented in. For example, choose Afghanistan to see open government data for Swedish support in that country.


Donors cooperate with multiple partners who either handle and/or implement Swedish aid.
It could be:

  • Multilateral organizations
    Parts of the Swedish development cooperation are carried out by multilateral organizations. Multilateral organizations can be both an implementing partner and a partner that transfers funds to other organizations. The World Bank, the EU and various UN agencies are examples of multilateral organizations.
  • NGOs and civil society
    Parts of Swedish development cooperation are conducted through non-governmental organizations and civil society. These can be based in Sweden or in partner countries, or be international organizations.
  • Public sector
    Parts of the Swedish development cooperation are carried out by the public sector. For example, through Swedish municipalities and Swedish authorities
  • Cooperation between public and private actors
    Parts of the Swedish development cooperation are conducted through cooperation between public and private actors.
  • Other
    The part of Swedish development cooperation that cannot be attributed to any of the mentioned types of organizations.

Sector category

A sector category describes what specific recipient area one activity should benefit and develop.

On Openaid, each activity is linked to a sector that describes the thematic area in which the activity will be performed. It is possible to filter the open data based on a sector category. For example trade or industry. It is also possible to filter by a sector which is a more specific definition of a sector category.

Sustainable Development Goals

Data is available and presented from 2019 onwards. There may be one or more SDGs reported for each activity. The SDG indicates what an activity contributes or is intended to contribute to achieving. This is based on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) system of sector classifications for SDGs