Investigate all reports

Reports may concern Sida staff, cooperation partners, suppliers and other actors or persons involved in activities related to Sida’s operations. All reports are received by Sida’s Investigation Group and assessed on a case by case basis. Sida will investigate all reports with credible and sufficient content.

How Sida processes personal data 

All messages and reports sent to Sida become official documents under the Freedom of the Press Act. Sida strives to protect the identity of whistle blowers if necessary. However Sida cannot guarantee anonymity. You can protect your identity by using contact details such as an e-mail address or a phone number that cannot be linked to you. However, contact details are needed if you want us to reply or ask further questions.

How Sida processes personal data

Sida cannot investigate:

  • Allegations concerning development projects and programmes that are not supported or financed by Sida.

Report an incident

Report an incident through this form on