Illustration of data management

Step 1: Collection of data

Sida collects data about projects from the agencies and ministries that control funds within the Swedish Government’s Expenditure area 7: International aid . Sida collects data in different formats and at different times. Sida’s own information is collected through the internal systems used by the agency in its daily work.

This data consists of both descriptive data, such as transactions, budgets, statistical markers, project description and project targets and results, as well as documents prescribed for distribution. Typically, data applies to individual projects, but in some cases contributions are grouped and their transaction data is aggregated.

Step 2: Data compilation

Data from the agencies and Sida’s own project data are quality assured through both computer-assisted (automatic) and manual routines.

Step 3: Distribution of data

The quality-assured data is formatted into IATI format and then sent to IATI’s central registries, the IATI Registry, IATI Datastore and Openaid loads this IATI data and displays the data on Openaid in the form of web pages. is updated monthly with the latest available information about Swedish development cooperation. The reporting of certain information, for example outcomes for in-donor refugees cost, takes places with a certain delay. It may therefore take a few months into the current year before the final total amount for the previous year is published on Openaid.

The data available on Openaid is also available in the IATI Registry and IATI Datastore, via tools on each website or via the Application Program Interfaces (API).

All data is published in xmls files at


An Application Program Interface (API) acts as a link between an application and the data that the application is going to load.

Openaid uses the API provided by IATI Datastore. It provides access to all published IATI data and not only Sweden’s files displayed on Openaid.
More information about IATI Datastore.

There is also an IATI Registry API that contains metadata for files published in IATI XML format.
More information about IATI Registry. 

Export of data

The website’s data can be exported. You can choose to export all data from one specific year, data from specific filter options or data from one single activity.

Export scan be made in the following formats:

  • Excel, XLS
  • PDF (only available for the activity pages)