Available data and information

Published : September 1, 2020

Updated : February 16, 2021

Sida collects data from agencies that controls Swedish aid funds. Below is an explanation of what data is available through Openaid.

The closer we are to the present, the more detailed and complete the data available on Openaid.

  • 2007 and onwards: Complete public activity data on Swedish aid as well as some documentation.
  • 2003–2006: Activity data for disbursed bilateral funds from Sida and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, multilateral basic budget support and some documentation.
  • 1998–2002: Activity data for disbursed bilateral funds from Sida and multilateral basic budget support.

Available data

The table shows what data is available to the various responsible actors: Sida, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA), Other agencies (OA).

  Sida MFA OA
Title 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Strategy 2014-nu
Sector 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Policy markers 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Country 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Description 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Excepted results and results 2012-nu 2014-nu
Document 1998-nu
Activity length 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Granting agency and implementing organisation 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu
Total committed amount and paid per year 1998-nu 1998-nu 1998-nu


Documents are available between 1998 and the present. Published documents are either decisions or agreements for active contributions. These will be available in connection with the activities on Openaid, but the documents are usually the contributions themselves. In the cases where an contribution consists of multiple activities, it is the results of the activity that comprise the treaties and decisions.

In some cases, a contribution may contain multiple treaties, therefore you may find published documents that also concerns one or more actions within the contribution.

What information cannot be found on Openaid?

Openaid contains public documents and information on Swedish aid available to the extent not covered by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act or need to be protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Sida’s or the Government Offices archives contain complete documents as well as original documents.