Development Dissertation Brief 2024:04.

This dissertation addresses the critical challenges of political participation and
mobilisation in non-democratic contexts, with a focus on the case of Russia.
Drawing on the results of statistical analyses, it examines the multifaceted
barriers that hinder citizen engagement in political processes. It also highlights
the importance of financial resources and effective mobilisation strategies. The
dissertation brief offers policy recommendations for Swedish development aid,
emphasising the need to support civil society capacity building and to promote
inclusive mobilisation strategies. The dissertation also raises awareness of the
socioeconomic mechanism behind protest participation in semi-authoritarian
states, as well as it warns of the unintended democratic effects of policies that
reinforce or maintain socio-economic inequalities. By addressing these
challenges, and promoting inclusive and effective strategies for political
mobilisation, policymakers can contribute to fostering a more vibrant, resilient,
and democratic civil society in non-democratic contexts.

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  • Publikationstyp: Development Dissertation Brief
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  • År: 2024
  • Utgiven av: Expertgruppen för biståndsanalys
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Publicerad på Openaid: 6/20/2024