Support evaluation and project formulation around dams

Activity-ID : SE-0-SE-6-10133A0101-BFA-31140

This contribution aims to: 1) Perform the final evaluation of the project (PRVPB-CC) 2) Use the evaluation results to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in Burkina Faso to formulate the project document of the proposed "Project for the agricultural use of small dams (ProValAB)"


Agency : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Aid type : C01 - Project-type interventions


Partner country : Burkina faso


Sector category : Agriculture
Sector : Agricultural water resources

Financial information

Total committed amount: USD 175,305

Total paid amount: USD 128,880

Paid per year (net value):
2016, USD 125,404
2017, USD 3,477

Sustainable Development Goals

Information about the Sustainable Development Goals is unavailable for this activity.

Source: Activity data from IATI, SE-0-SE-6-10133A0101-BFA-31140