AECF 2017-22 Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies (REACT)

Activity-ID : SE-0-SE-6-5105010608-MLI-23210

The contribution consists of support to a Challenge Fund; REACT (Renewable Energy, Adaptation and Climate Change Technology). REACT - sub-Saharan Africa, is administered by Afica Enterprise Challenge Fund Ltd (AECF), a non-profit company with AGRA (African Green Revolution) as the sole owner/member...


Agency : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : Investment funds and other collective investment institutions
Aid type : C01 - Project-type interventions
Strategy : Mali 2016-2020



Sector category : Energy generation, distribution and efficiency
Sector : Energy generation, renewable sources – multiple technologies

Financial information

Total committed amount: USD 3,810,226

Total paid amount: USD 3,514,807

Paid per year (net value):
2017, USD 280,800
2018, USD 270,413
2019, USD 2,121,004
2020, USD 842,590

Sustainable Development Goals

Source: Activity data from IATI, SE-0-SE-6-5105010608-MLI-23210