COVID-19 Diakonia frame 2016-2020

Activity-ID : SE-0-SE-6-5403054102-PSE-43081

Reprogrammed funds to address COVID-19 Reprogrammed funds to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 This programme is implemented during a five-year period (as framework organizations may now apply for grants for longer periods than in the past in order to increase aid effectiveness) and it is based on Diakonia's global strategy for 2015-2020. It includes 21 country programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and six regional programs and a new global program for innovation in the area of "social and economic justice." Diakonia is working through local civil society organizations for the overall goal to change unfair structures that generate and uphold inequality, oppression and violence and to work for fulfilment of the right of all people to live a life in dignity...


Agency : Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Implementing organisation : Donor country–based NGO
Aid type : B03 - Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral}, INGO)


Partner country : Palestine, state of


Sector category : Other multisector
Sector : Multisector education/training

Activity period

Start : January 1, 2016 End : June 30, 2022

Financial information

Total committed amount: USD 481,956

Total paid amount: USD 459,603

Paid per year (net value):
2016, USD 46,181
2017, USD 61,723
2018, USD 128,952
2019, USD 98,082
2020, USD 124,665

Sustainable Development Goals

Source: Activity data from IATI, SE-0-SE-6-5403054102-PSE-43081